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Funding & NRI Investment for Research Novel projects

Yuvraj research Center Pvt Ltd has tie up with International Private Equity Firms, Venture Capitalist – UK & Singapore, Investment Firms and Indian Funding Agency for Research Projects. We also support for NRI Loan, Fund or Investment.

We support 02 segments:
1. STARTUP Innovator / Incubators
2. Entrepreneurs Firms / Industries
3. Real Estate Company

Yuvraj Research Center Support to Startups Innovator / Companies/ Organization and Students for Preparation of Project, Patent and then Funding. We support Concept to commercialization.

1. For STARTUP Incubators : We are providing assistance for STARTUP Innovators / Innovator Company / Students to commercialize their Idea

• Platform to start your Startup project
• Assistance for Concept Note Preparation and then Detail Project Preparation
• Foundation of Your Company
• Registration of Your Company in Startup’s (National & International )
• Support for Funding from Government in different Schemes like startup Funding from 7.50 Lakhs to 01 Crore or much more
• Support for Soft Loan from Mudra Bank, SIDBI & Foreign Loan from 01 Crore to 50 Crores
• Support for Foreign Investment partner for Your Project start from 05 Crore to 500 Crores as per your project’s Need
• Participation in Training , Seminar , Workshop, Conference
• Presentation Preparation & Training – how to present your Concept
• Forwarding project to Various Venture Capitalist & Investor – All over the World
• Patent Write up & Filing of Patent – IPR Rights
• Support from Retd Scientist in Your Area as Mentor
• Scientist Guidance to create Novelty in your project, Project Preparation & Satisfactorily Completion of Project
• Our Guidance to Commercialize your Project
• Support from CSIR Laboratory / Deferent Universities (National / International)
• Support from Government Incubation Centers
• Meeting With Venture Capitalist in India
• Arranging Meeting with Venture Capitalist / Private Investor in Singapore

Facility providing by us

• Seating Facility with Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioned Room, Laptop, Printer & Other Office Equipments
• Incubation / Workshop Facility attached CSIR Lab / MSME / NSIC & other Incubations
• Impanel Venture Capitalist for Investment in Startup’s – India & International
• Impanel Private Investment firm & Venture Capitalist – Singapore
• Impanel Retd. Scientist from CSIR & Working Scientist in International Universities (Well Qualified, Having Patents and Commercialized their Patents in International market, Well Experienced in Technology Transfer)
• Impanel Chartered Accountant and Financial Institutions to Support for Project Writing, Company Formation & Valuation of project Worth
• Impanel IPR Company – Patent Writing & Filling, Searching & Tracking of Patent, Maintaining IPR Rights
• Our Novel IDEA TV – Research News Channel (Your idea will be Broadcast on youtube Research News Channel)
• Our International Journal for Research Publication
• Impanel International Conference Society
• Our Library Data – Successfully Completed Project for your References.

2. For Funding to Industries / Entrepreneur :

I. Funding from ministry of Science , DST, DBT, MOFPI, APEDA
II. Soft Loan from SIDBI, NAFED, MUDRA Bank
III. Establish / strengthen technology incubation centers and thus promote the development of technological entrepreneurship
IV. Promoting research and development-oriented products
V. Encourage and accelerate the development of indigenous products (MAKE IN INDIA) and packaging; and
VI. Reduce the gap between R & D and marketing.
VII. Income Tax, Import duty, excise 100% exemption on Research Income
VIII. Reimbursement of Design Sampling for Buyer, International Exhibitions
IX. Funding for Machinery and Lab Equipment 50-100%
X. 100% Reimbursement of all expense & salary for R&D department, Purchase of Innovation
XI. Eligible for Govt Funding Project from 50 lac to 5 crore in year
XII. And much more …for more detail pls allow for personal meeting

XIII. Funding, Investment & Finance Assistance:

a. R&D Centre Recognition for DSIR,
b. Fund arrangement from Ministries for R&D Projects
c. To arrange FDI, NRI Fund , Ministry Funding, Private Investment, Joint Venture.
d. Financial Support- From National/International Bank through the mode of either business loan or project loan.
1. Loan against bank Guarantee[ROI with 2 to 5 Percent]
2. Loan against Letter of Credit[ROI with 2 to 5.75 Percent]
3. Loan against Collateral[ROI with 12 to 14 percent]
4. Loan from Private as well NRI fund.
• Marketing research- Identify potential customer, matching to customer products lineup.
• Brand Building- Guiding the required platform that should be utilized to support increase sale.
• Taking Over- identification the firms , that can be a profitable unit, that are suffering financial crunch. Arranging to take over such firms. Further assisting for Joint Venture and collaboration on technical/commercial front.
e. Arrange the Financial Investment Firm as according to your company (Private equity, NRI Fund, FDI etc)
f. Prepare the company structure to finalize Investment deal
g. Financial support from Ministries like MOFPI, MST, DBT,DST, ICMR,DSIR BIRAC etc.

Funding for Industries :

Nature of assistance to company for financial support as a grant of up to 100 lakhs 500 – to be paid in installments. Initial fund is 7.50 Lakh for the development of an innovative R & D project. If the whole project will be successfully promoted for the next scholarship in another system 01 -05 Crore Grant. Subsidies under the proposed scheme would be subject to conditions. If the project is well done, then it supports the government’s R & D innovation Commercial. Networking centers with angel investors and risk capitalists who provide mentoring and financial support to new businesses and allow tenants’ businesses to mature in a 2-3 year period and eventually graduate at a commercial place to do real business .